Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Robert Munsch!

This week was beloved children's author Robert Munsch's birthday (June 11, 1945... it's on his website so I'm not giving away any secrets, heh!). Part of my job involves monitoring online mentions of our titles, and not a week goes by without Robert Munsch or one of his titles popping up. Sometimes it's an announcement of an upcoming play based on his books. Sometimes it's a new parent blogging about rediscovering his books with their own child.

By far, the title that shows up the most is The Paper Bag Princess. It pops up on lists of essential books for girls, lists of strong female role models, and lists of favorite princess and fairy tale books. But my absolute favorite is when people have been inspired to create crafts, activities, and costumes from the book.

Some recent examples:

And finally, a simple Google Images search of "Paper Bag Princess costumes" yields pages and pages of results: adorable toddlers (and even an infant or two!) in paper bag costumes with tiny tiaras; high fashion concepts; women of all ages dressed up as Elizabeth for Halloween parties; and fan art putting a new twist on Princess Elizabeth, Prince Ronald, and the dragon. Go take a look! You might be inspired. And hey... it's never too early to start putting aside paper bags for a homemade Halloween costume!

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Jillian's Just Tinkerin'! said...

Thanks for mentioning and sharing my Paper Bag Princess "craftivity"! I know my kiddos absolutely loved it, and I'm glad other teachers out there can use it/tweak it/copy it for their own rooms, too!

I would love to have you guys over for a guest post, sometime. Feel free to shoot me an email to see if we could set something up! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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