Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Fall, Boy Soup is on the Menu for Grade One Students!

Yesterday, the Canadian Children's Book Centre announced that Boy Soup, by Loris Lesynski and Michael Martchenko, will be this year's TD Grade One Book. This means that over 500,000 Canadian grade one students will be receiving their very own copy of the book. Loris and Michael will also be visiting schools and libraries to treat children to a live reading of the book.

Boy Soup is the hilarious tale of a giant who wakes up with a bad cold and decides that the only remedy is a nice big bowl of boy soup. He captures a handful of boys, along with a single girl, Kate. To save her friends from becoming the giant's meal, Kate hatches a brilliant idea: wreck the giant's cookbook and convince him that boy soup is soup made by boys, not soup made from boys. Kids will delight in the disgusting ingredients that make their way into the boys' soup (a handful of fleas, a dollop of dandruff shampoo, sour green pickles...). Warning: do not try this recipe at home!

Boy Soup is also available as an e-book, with a read-aloud track by Loris Lesynski. For more information on the e-book, visit Open Road Integrated Media.

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