Thursday, April 25, 2013

Awards Announcements & Author Blog Spotlight

 It's shaping up to be a great spring for Annick books, as award nominations pour in:

Congratulations to our authors, illustrators, and everyone who worked on these great titles!

And to continue with our spring theme, have you checked out author Hazel Hutchins's new blog feature, Story Seeds? Each post features the "seed" from which one of her stories unfolded, plus a writing tip.
Her most recent post is about how she found a solution to writing about a cat on his ninth life without having to have the cat die at the end of the book. She pairs that story with some tips for authors who have a hard time coming up with a satisfying ending for their book. Her other posts offer advice for rewriting, looking at ordinary objects in a new way, getting your words flowing by making lists, and more. Go take a look!
Hazel Hutchins (photo credit: Gaston Maqueda)

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