Thursday, February 21, 2013

Follow Your Money: Making Financial Literary Kid-Friendly

When the York Catholic District School Board held a PD day last Friday, Eleanor LeFave, owner of Mabel’s Fables, saw it as a perfect opportunity to introduce teacher librarians to a new book by Annick Press: Follow Your Money: Who Gets It, Who Spends It, Where Does It Go? She asked authors Kevin Sylvester and Michael Hlinka, both widely recognized from their broadcasts on CBC Radio, to come and present their book, which they were only too happy to do. Here's a brief clip:

Michael spoke in general about the economy: what it actually is, how kids (and adults) perceive it, and why knowing about money matters. His clear, down-to-earth explanations reflected the accessible, kid-friendly tone of the book itself. In the meantime, Kevin demonstrated that becoming financially literate doesn’t mean that kids can’t have fun. Using games, quizzes, charts, and humorous illustrations, he got everyone talking and thinking about the different paths money takes. Both authors are available for school visits. For more information, contact Kevin at and Michael at m_hlinka [at] hotmail [dot] com.

The two co-authors also did an interview with CBC's Metro Morning: click here to hear it!

Attention teachers, librarians, and reviewers: Preview Follow Your Money at

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