Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to the BookOlympics!

With so much Olympic excitement going on right now, I was all set to find a way to tie that into books. What kind of sports would famous books compete in? Would it be the character or the book itself competing? Would we divide books up by subject or author nationality? Would there be different weight classes? And so on.

I took to Google to see if anyone else had thought of my brilliant idea, and lo and behold: #BookOlympics is trending on Twitter. (It appears to have been started by Text Publishing in Australia.) There are lots of hilarious mash-ups of sports and book titles; here are just three of my favorites:

If your kid loves sports but doesn't want to become a professional athlete, there are lots of other ways to have a career in sports--and maybe even go to the Olympics! Pick up Game Day to meet twenty people who did just that: from coaches and scouts to organists and race car mechanics.

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