Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy World Cat Day!

August 8th is World Cat Day. If you're looking to add a feline to your family, check to see if any rescue or shelter organizations in your area are having a sale. (Toronto Animal Services is having a two-for-one adoption special, for example.)
If you like cats but already have one or aren't looking to adopt right now, why not check out some picture books staring funny, furry felines? Here's a selection from Annick:

Up Cat is a board book starring a mischievous cat who likes to leap up, scratch up, puff up, and generally get up to no good. But in the end, tired out from all the fun, this kitty is ready to curl up and soak up the sun.
For a tale starring a bigger cat, check out Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea. This whimsical tale begins with two children who awake to discover a tiger on their front lawn. They decide his name is Louis, and he must have come from the sea (obviously). When Louis takes over their house (and bathtub!), the children and their parents come up with an ingenious way to lure him back to his own home.

In A Cat in a Kayak, we meet Teelo, a black and white cat who is adopted by a kind vet and lives with him on a small island. Teelo has a bit of trouble adjusting to all the other noisy animals on the island, but eventually he learns to love them all. However, when we see Teelo again in a later book, A Cat Adrift, he has become stranded at sea after a failed rat-chase. Thankfully, a little girl and her grandfather are sailing the world together and happen to spot the seaborne cat. Will he make it back to his home on the island, or find a new one aboard the boat?
Catmagic is a delightful tale about a witch who moves into a retirement home with her cat, Izzy. Unfortunately, Izzy is always underfoot, and causes all sorts of disasters and accidents. Just when everyone thinks Izzy might have to leave, the retired witches come up with a clever solution--a magical one, of course!

The Miss Meow Pageant tells the story of Sparrow, "one of the ugliest-looking cats you would ever come across in the feline world." But kindly teacher Henrietta Jones saves Sparrow from a hard life on the streets. Her friend suggests that she enter Sparrow into a beauty contest, but she replies, "Sparrow is a liberated cat and he doesn't believe in all this beauty contest nonsense. Everyone is pretty in their own way." However, the prizes are too good to resist, so Henrietta and her friend set to work preparing Sparrow for the contest. And whether or not he wins isn't the only surprise in this tale...
What's your favorite book (picture book or otherwise) starring a cat?

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