Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forest of Reading Awards 2012

May 15-16 was the Festival of Trees event, at which the winners of the Forest of Reading awards were announced. Marketing Manager Brigitte Waisberg got swept up in the fun:

The 2012 Forest of Reading festivities were as exciting as ever as thousands of schoolchildren from across Ontario gathered at Harbourfront Centre to cheer for their favorite authors. These lucky students had participated in the program, sponsored by the Ontario Library Association, by reading a number of books in different genres and voting for the ones they liked best.

Author Kevin Sylvester on stage at the Festival of Trees event. He was nominated in several categories and took home a Silver Birch Non-Fiction prize for Don't Touch That Toad!

The sun shone brightly off the lake on the first day when three Annick authors were celebrated: Sarah Tsiang for A Flock of Shoes, Kate Scowen and Peter Mitchell for i.d.: Stuff That Happens to Define Us, and Sharon McKay for Thunder over Kandahar. On the second day, Annick had five authors nominated in the Silver Birch non-fiction category: Richard Lee and Bathseba Opini for Africans Thought of It, Keltie Thomas for Animals That Changed the World, Kevin Sylvester for Game Day, and Tanya Lloyd Kyi for 50 Poisonous Questions. As many of the authors said, seeing so many kids excited about books and reading was the best reward they could ever hope for.

Authors Eric Walters and Sharon McKay with students at the awards reception

Congratulations to all the nominated authors and illustrators! Click here for a list of all winners.

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