Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrate the Love of Reading and Writing This Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day! Although most people use February 14th to reflect on the people they love, there's no harm in looking past romantic love and also celebrating the things you love to do.

For example, author Claire Eamer loves research and writing, and her passion for both shines through in her recent interview in Arctica magazine. Click here to read about how Claire got her start in children's books, why she feels having a limited background in science can be an advantage, and what she enjoys about writing for children rather than adults (though she does write for both!).

And if you love food, you're sure to love her latest book, The World in Your Lunch Box, in which she uncovers the tasty stories behind many favorite foods (macaroni and cheese, pizza--you name it!).

Whether you love reading, writing, eating, or--like me--all three, have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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