Friday, November 25, 2011

Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Thanksgiving Dinner

For those in the U.S., it's the Thanksgiving long weekend (or for shopaholics and bargain hunters alike, it's the Black Friday long weekend). I was going to make a list of book-related things to be thankful for, but instead, my mind wandered to food...

Mmmm... a delicious book feast!
Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Thanksgiving Dinner
1. No travel required.
2. You can have as many second helpings as you want without feeling ill or gaining a single pound.
3. No turkeys were killed in the making of your book.
4. There's no risk of forgetting to thaw your book.
5. If the book's tone is getting on your nerves, you can just put it down without starting a family feud.
6. Reading for a few hours won't leave you in a stupor.
7. It doesn't matter how long the book's been on the shelf--it won't be "too dry." (And if it is, pick something livelier.)
8. Your pets won't devour your book if you just leave it on the table for a while after you're done.
9. You don't need to do any prep work before sitting down to a delicious book.
10. There's no clean up: when you've finished reading, you don't need to wash the book!

Do you agree? Disagree? Have a better reason why a book is better, or why Thanksgiving dinner is? Share your ideas in the comments!

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