Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW)!

This week was Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and it was great to see all the giveaways, interviews, and awards. Visit the BBAW website for a full re-cap!

At Annick Press, we love book bloggers--especially when they review our books! Read through our Meet a Book Blogger archives to get to know some of the excellent avid readers we work with. Or check out some of our recent reviews from bloggers:

In honor of BBAW, we're giving away a signed copy of Kate Cayley's new historical YA fiction The Hangman in the Mirror. Leave a comment about your book blog--or your favorite, if you don't have your own!--for a chance to win!


Teresa said...

Oh my! I can't beleive how long its been since I stopped by. I just saw your BBAW tweet and wanted to hop over and say hello.

Joanna K said...

Hi, Teresa! Good to see you again! :)

phylly3 said...

Hello. I would very much like to win the Hangman in the Mirror.
My favourite book blog is "Getting Kids Reading"

Joanna K said...

Thanks for entering, phylly3. Great blog recommendation!