Friday, September 2, 2011

Fried Book on a Stick?

We're on the cusp of the Labor Day long weekend, which is also the last weekend to visit the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). One reporter made a video detailing 30 food-on-a-stick items she found at the CNE, so if that's your thing, drop on by. A warning for avid readers: you won't find fried-book-on-a-stick, so better bring your own reading material.

If you're heading back to school, this may also be your last weekend to fit in some non-required reading. Fans of historical fiction should pick up The Hangman in the Mirror by Kate Cayley. Set in 18th century Montreal, this suspenseful book follows a teen maid who is arrested for stealing a pair of gloves. Sentenced to death, her only hope lies in a law that pardons male prisoners if they become the hangman, and female prisoners if they marry the hangman. Luckily for her, the post of hangman is empty... now if she can only convince the young man in the next cell to become the hangman and marry her. But how can she persuade him if they can't even see each other?

Watch the book trailer:

Happy long weekend!

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