Friday, August 6, 2010

New Trailer for A Flock of Shoes!

It's time to introduce you to another of our new Fall titles: the delightful A Flock of Shoes, in which Abby's beloved sandals fly south for the winter. However, they haven't forgotten her--all through the winter, Abby receives postcards from her vacationing sandals. Will they be back in time for spring... and will they still fit? Stacey at Word of Mouse Book Reviews declares that this cute picture book is "as thrilling as shoe shopping!"

And there's another great story behind the story. Author Sarah Tsiang came up with the idea of making a trailer for the book, and asked illustrator Qin Leng if she'd like to be involved. Things developed quickly after that: Sarah explains that "the fantastic Qin just ran with it and created something waaaaay beyond my skill level!" Qin says that she agreed to try making the trailer as a test, and then, "soon enough, I got carried away with the images, text, and music. It was most definitely an extremely exciting experience!"

In just three short weeks, Qin and Sarah put together a wonderful trailer, and now it's ready to make its debut. Enjoy!

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