Monday, May 17, 2010

A Statement About Robert Munsch

If you've checked the news over the past few days, you've probably learned that during an interview for Global, which aired Saturday, Robert Munsch revealed his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. He has posted a Note to Parents on his website. On behalf of everyone at Annick Press, Director Rick Wilks made the following statement:

"From the time Annick Press published his first book, Mud Puddle, in 1979, we have enjoyed an extremely successful and productive relationship with Robert Munsch. It is no surprise that he is so beloved by generations of children who have enjoyed his brilliant storytelling. We are deeply proud to be the publisher of so many Munsch classics.

Our respect for Bob in his personal life matches that for Bob in his professional life. He has overcome a great deal to give as much as he has to children throughout the world. We know Bob will be successful in his recovery. We commend him for being so open, for reaching out to others, and we wish him continued strength."


Christy Jordan-Fenton said...

Sometimes when someone has demons to wrestle with they invite bigger and badder ones in to scare them out. I hope that Robert Munsch and his family find peace and healing. He has given a great deal of himself in the name of children, travelling at his own cost to visit schools, many of them so remote that a school visit from an author might be a once-in-a-lifetime (if ever)thing, and expressing their pains, joys, frustrations and determinations. I had the pleasure of interviewing him once and found him to be extremely generous with his time, though he was pressed to make a flight, and beyond kind to my children who will always remember sharing cookies with him. I take my hat off for his bravery in coming out with his struggles and wish him nothing but the best in the future.

Callista said...

Good for him. He was brave to be open but the more well-known people who admit to mental illness or addiction, the more regular people see that it happens to everyone and you can live a good life otherwise.