Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

May 9th is Mother's Day, so I hope all you mothers out there have a wonderful weekend! Last year, I posted the Top 10 Reasons a Book Makes the Perfect Mother's Day Gift. This year, I'd like to recommend a book for mothers with little ones who are just learning to read on their own: How Do You Read to a Rabbit? by Andrea Wayne von Königslöw.

In this adorable picture book, a child tries to read to various animals (an alligator, a kangaroo, and of course some rabbits) without success. The alligator eats the book, the kangaroos hop away too fast, and there are just too many bunnies. Animals are just so hard to read to! The child finally finds an appreciative audience... can you guess who they might be?

We're running a contest for children about this book: tell us which animal you think would be hard to read to and why, and Andrea will create a signed, original sketch of the winning entry! Click here to read the full contest details and to enter!

Here are just a few of the great entries we've received so far:
  • "It would be hard to read to a sea serpent because you would get the pages all wet and you would have to sit all the way behind him in the very bottom of the sea." (Owen, 4)
  • "Even if you try to read to a dodo bird you can't because they're extinct." (Jayden, 11)
  • "If you try to read to a chipmunk while he's eating his chubby cheeks will block the book." (Alycia, 10)
  • "You can try to read to a rhino, but his horn would poke right through the book." (Logan, 7)
  • "A llama and reading to it would be difficult because it would spit in my face." (Brenna, 9)

 We look forward to your entries! Happy Mother's Day!

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