Friday, May 21, 2010

Chanda's Secrets a Big Hit at Cannes!

The film Life, Above All, based on Allan Stratton's novel Chanda's Secrets, recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to great acclaim. Not only did it receive a ten-minute standing ovation, but Roger Ebert then conveyed his compliments to author Allan Stratton and screenwriter Dennis Foon.

In fact, Ebert was so impressed with the film that he wrote a blog entry, in which he calls Life, Above All "the best heart-warmer and tear-jerker so far--and when I write from Cannes I use the term 'tear-jerker' as a compliment, because this is a hardened crowd and when you hear snuffling in the dark you know it has been honestly earned. The film is about deep human emotions, evoked with sympathy and love."

To experience a bit of the film for yourself, click here to watch the trailer! Or why not buy the ebook?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've posted this! I've been a fan of Alan's for a few years now and am so excited for him! His stories of Chanda need to be shared!