Thursday, April 8, 2010

Allan Stratton at the Vietnam Book Fair

As you'll know from our March 19 post, Allan Stratton was recently in Vietnam where he attended the Vietnam Book Fair and promoted the Vietnamese edition of his internationally acclaimed YA novel Chanda's Secrets.

Allan is now back home, reporting a very successful and enjoyable trip. Following are a few pictures from his events at the book fair, which included a TV interview and book signing:

Above, author Allan Stratton (right) stands with Mr. Quang Toan Ton, the publisher of Thuong Huyen Books, Ltd., between two posters advertising Allan's events at the book fair.

Allan Stratton is surrounded by Vietnamese teens eager for him to sign their editions of Chanda's Secrets.

Check out Allan's blog for more details on his trip to Vietnam and other things.


campbele said...

Doesn't this event speak to the power and importance of literacy: to see a Canadian author take this this story about a girl in Africa to students in Vietnam?

Allan Stratton said...

Cambele, hi --

It was pretty overpowering. Especially the 'mob' of Vietnamese teens afterwards. And their questions were so good at the presentation -- like, what did I think of China restricting entry to persons with HIV. A truly memorable evening.