Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing the Single Voice Series!

Descent Into Paradise / A Place to Live

Descent Into Paradise / A Place to Live

Descent Into Paradise / A Place to Live

We're proud to introduce you to the first three books in our exciting new YA series: Single Voice. We were fortunate to have a number of talented book bloggers agree to help us launch the series by each reviewing one of the stories. Please visit their blogs for full reviews!

Steph Bowe reviews The Pool Was Empty on her blog Hey! Teenager of the Year and writes, "I know the story did a great job of engaging me, since I was left wanting more ..." Krista at Up the Tower of Books enjoyed Nothing but Your Skin, which she described as "a simple, yet powerful love story."

Vasilly posted that she "just plowed through" Just Julie and concludes, "With the story so interesting, I’m sure young adult reluctant readers would gobble this book--and the rest of the series--up." Of I Am Not Emmanuelle, Cindy from Cindy's Love of Books said she loved the concept: "I think this would make a great gift for young adults to know they aren't alone or going through it on their own."

Sarah from GreenBeanTeenQueen reviewed Descent Into Paradise and called it "a powerful short story and one that could start a great discussion." The Book Muncher tackled A Place to Live, in which a teen student stands up to his principal's overly strict rules by starting a unique film project that "delves into the emotions of his school, raw and real, and will force everyone to realize that school is not just a place to work, but a place to live."

For more information on the series, please visit the Single Voice website for short excerpts from each of the books, reviews, and more! And now I'll leave you with this book trailer, which perfectly captures the essence of these short, powerful reads:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bloggers Launch Our New YA Series: Friday, April 30!

On Friday, April 30, six book bloggers will launch Annick Press’s exciting, new young adult fiction series Single Voice. Each Single Voice book contains two stories in a flip book format. The first three books— Nothing but Your Skin/The Pool Was Empty, Descent into Paradise/A Place to Live, and Just Julie/I Am Not Emmanuelle—were published this spring.

Each blogger will post her review of one of the stories, along with a book trailer for the series. Some will also host giveaways of the books. All of the bloggers are fans of young adult fiction, and three of them are teenagers themselves. One of the teenage bloggers is also a new author: her young adult novel will be published this fall. 

If you love edgy, contemporary young adult fiction, then stop by their blogs on April 30 and find out more about the Single Voice series!

Meet the bloggers!
Krista is 18 and her blog, Up the Tower of Books , features book reviews, interviews, contests, and anything else book-ish. When she’s not reading, she likes watching TV, taking photos, procrastinating on homework, eating, and generally relaxing. She will be reviewing Nothing but Your Skin.

Hey! Teenager of the Year is a blog written by 16-year-old YA author Steph Bowe, who reviews contemporary YA titles, interviews authors and a whole lot more. She will be reviewing The Pool Was Empty.

Sarah, a.k.a. GreenBeanTeenQueen, is a teen librarian and book blogger. Her blog, GreenBeanTeenQueen , focuses on young adult and tween reviews, YA movie news, and life as a librarian. She will be reviewing Descent into Paradise.
The Book Muncher is the reviewing alias of a prolific teen reader. Her literary diet consists mostly of young adult fiction, but sometimes strays into the middle grade or adult categories. She firmly believes that reading is essential to modern life and that words can change the world. She will be reviewing A Place to Live.

Book-review blog 1330v is run by a college student who goes by the alias Vasilly and aspires to become a children’s librarian. She will be reviewing Just Julie.

Cindy started her blog, Cindy’s Love of Books , in 2008 and has reviewed, profiled, and discussed many books and their authors. She also enjoys befriending and working with other members of the book blogging community. She will be reviewing I Am Not Emmanuelle.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Torrie Creator in Macedonia!

April 12-14, K.V. (Krista) Johansen was a guest of the 22nd International Book Fair in Skopje, Macedonia, where she took part in a number of literary events, including the launch of the Macedonian translation (Vermilion, 2010) of her children’s novel Torrie and the Snake-Prince (Annick Press, 2007).

Above, author K.V. Johansen (left) with Vermilion Books publisher Zoran Poposki at the Skopje Book Fair.

Krista also received the Ana Frank Literary Award (congratulations, Krista!), read to a group of children at a Skopje library, participated in a panel discussion on fantasy literature in Canada and Macedonia with Prof. Vlada Uroševi and Prof. Lidija Lapusevska–Drakulevska as part of a Day of Canadian Culture organized by the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, and addressed a literature class at a Skopje university that had been studying her short story “The Inexorable Tide”, from her collection The Storyteller and Other Tales.

The complete travel log of the tour is at K.V. Johansen’s website

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring brings Bologna!

With spring comes the Bologna Book Fair, a gathering of thousands of children's publishers, agents, scouts, illustrators from around the world in beautiful Bologna. Situated in northern Italy, this ancient city is renowned for its ochre-red buildings, mosaic-lined arcades, university, and delicious food.

Annick has been attending this annual book fair since the 1980s and continues to hold a booth to display our books and meet with foreign publishing professionals in the hopes of selling foreign rights. We introduce our upcoming fall books with cover and spreads and highlight our recent releases. Below is our shared booth, with Owlkids on the right and Annick on the left.

We also attend the fair in order to acquire foreign titles for publication as an Annick book in North America. For this purpose, we visit foreign rights managers on their booths to hear about their books.

It's always really exciting to attend the fairs, to see old friends and make new acquaintances, hear people's response to our books, and get a glimpse at the wonderful books being produced around the world.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some things can change you forever...

That, in a nutshell, is the theme of i.d.: Stuff That Happens to Define Us, an exciting new book by author Kate Scowen and illustrator Peter Mitchell. In a jam-packed room at Trane Studio in downtown Toronto, dozens of well-wishers turned out to celebrate the launch of this innovative, powerful book in which 12 first-person accounts reveal how individual identity can be shaped by what happens during one's youth. The mood was festive as Kate and Peter spoke of their collaboration, and thanked everyone for their support.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Allan Stratton at the Vietnam Book Fair

As you'll know from our March 19 post, Allan Stratton was recently in Vietnam where he attended the Vietnam Book Fair and promoted the Vietnamese edition of his internationally acclaimed YA novel Chanda's Secrets.

Allan is now back home, reporting a very successful and enjoyable trip. Following are a few pictures from his events at the book fair, which included a TV interview and book signing:

Above, author Allan Stratton (right) stands with Mr. Quang Toan Ton, the publisher of Thuong Huyen Books, Ltd., between two posters advertising Allan's events at the book fair.

Allan Stratton is surrounded by Vietnamese teens eager for him to sign their editions of Chanda's Secrets.

Check out Allan's blog for more details on his trip to Vietnam and other things.