Friday, March 19, 2010

Globe-Trotting Authors!

The Bologna Children's Book Fair is next week (March 23-26) but it's not just publishers and agents who are in travel mode this spring: a few of our authors have also been busy traversing the globe.

Allan Stratton will be attending the Vietnam Book Fair to promote the Vietnamese edition of Chanda's Secrets (published by Thuong Huyen Books, Ltd.). Here's a photo of a poster announcing his visit. Hopefully he'll post more pictures on his blog!

We're also very proud of K.V. Johansen, who will be this year's guest at the Skopje Book Fair in the Republic of Macedonia (April 13-18). She will also be receiving the International Anna Frank Award for the Macedonian translation of her book Torrie and the Snake Prince. Here's the cover:

And last month, author Sally Rippin blogged about going to Ghana to see the effects of her World Vision sponsorship of a girl named Elizabeth in person. After her visit, she decided to sponsor another child, too.

Happy spring travels, everyone!


Claire Eamer said...

I'm off to Wales in May, in search of castles and standing stones and nummy things to eat. And museums. Looooove those museums!

Joanna K said...

Hi Claire,

Even MORE globe-trotting Annick authors?? How wonderful! Happy trails, and do send us some pictures of castles!