Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drew Hayden Taylor: Vampires and Tricksters

Drew Hayden Taylor has written many successful plays, columns, and short stories over the years. Recently, he's been writing novels, too. He started with a book for young adults, The Night Wanderer, that tells the tale of a vampire returning to a native reserve. Here's the book trailer: enjoy!

Taylor's new novel, Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, is popping up everywhere, it seems. Reviews of the book and interviews with Taylor have appeared in the CBC News book section, the Globe and Mail, and NOW Magazine. (I even spotted a review on the blog Kevin From Canada!) In the Globe and Mail interview, Taylor says, "I’ve got my next three novels in my mind, waiting to burst forth." We're looking forward to them already!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chicken, Pig, Cow... On TV!

Chicken, Pig, and Cow--the stars of Ruth Ohi's latest picture book series--have been on many adventures together. They've befriended drooly, snorty Dog, sought out a new home, and helped Cow come to terms with being purple rather than gray or brown or black like other cows. And now they've made their very first TV appearance, on Gisèle's Big Backyard! Click here to watch the episode online.

 Way to go, Chicken, Pig, and Cow! Where will you turn up next?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Globe-Trotting Authors!

The Bologna Children's Book Fair is next week (March 23-26) but it's not just publishers and agents who are in travel mode this spring: a few of our authors have also been busy traversing the globe.

Allan Stratton will be attending the Vietnam Book Fair to promote the Vietnamese edition of Chanda's Secrets (published by Thuong Huyen Books, Ltd.). Here's a photo of a poster announcing his visit. Hopefully he'll post more pictures on his blog!

We're also very proud of K.V. Johansen, who will be this year's guest at the Skopje Book Fair in the Republic of Macedonia (April 13-18). She will also be receiving the International Anna Frank Award for the Macedonian translation of her book Torrie and the Snake Prince. Here's the cover:

And last month, author Sally Rippin blogged about going to Ghana to see the effects of her World Vision sponsorship of a girl named Elizabeth in person. After her visit, she decided to sponsor another child, too.

Happy spring travels, everyone!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Forest of Reading Awards Get New Websites

The Ontario Library Association has created new interactive websites for each of its Forest of Reading awards:

There are two types of accounts: student and teacher/librarian. After making an account, users can read excerpts from the nominated books, watch videos of the authors and illustrators, make their own videos, rate and comment on the nominated books, build their own collections, post top-ten lists, and more. I encourage teachers and librarians (and parents!) to get their kids to try out the websites and see what they think!

We have two books nominated for the Silver Birch this year: Pharaohs and Foot Soliders (by Kristin Butcher, with illustrations by Martha Newbigging) and Animal Aha! (by Diane Swanson). You can read samples of both on the Silver Birch Online website, plus you can watch videos of the authors talking about the books! As a sneak peek, here's Kristin Butcher, introducing us to one of the stars of Pharaohs and Foot Soliders.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ruth Ohi and Her Purple Cow

Ruth Ohi is a prolific author and illustrator, and her new Chicken, Pig, Cow series (for ages 2-5) is the perfect mix of cute and funny. In the latest adventure, Chicken, Pig, Cow and the Purple Problem, Cow realizes that real cows have black or brown or gray spots, not purple ones. So off she goes on a quest to become a real cow... but will Chicken and Pig still recognize her?

Maybe I'll just let Ruth tell you all about it in her own words...