Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Bite of the Mango European Tour!

Mariatu Kamara went on a three-week, five-country European tour in November to promote the launch of the British, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish editions of her memoir, The Bite of the Mango!

Co-author Susan McClelland joined her in London and Berlin while Mariatu's Auntie Kadi (whom you will know from the book) joined her in Amsterdam, Rome, and Barcelona and Madrid. It was a very successful tour all round, with Mariatu doing lots of print, TV, and radio interviews, in addition to school visits, bookstore signings, and more! Mariatu and her story are being embraced by people all over the world...

What's always interesting is to see the different covers that publishers produce for their editions. Here are a few samples:

UK Paperback cover (Bloomsbury, to be released June 2010)

Italian cover (Sperling & Kupfer, released November '09.)
Note title translates as Whose Hands Shall Wipe Away My Tears)

German cover (Pattloch/Droemer Knaur, released November '09)
Note, title translates as The Girl With No Hands

Dutch cover (De Kern/De Fontein, released November '09)
Note, title translates as The Taste of the Mango

French (North America) cover (La courte echelle, released November '09)
Note, title translates as The Blood of the Mango

Australian cover (Allen & Unwin, released May 2009)
Other foreign editions still to come include the Spanish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), and Slovenian.

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