Monday, October 5, 2009

TD National Reading Summit: Nov. 12 & 13, 2009

We're pretty excited about the upcoming TD National Reading Summit: Reading and Democracy (Nov. 12-13, 2009). The summit aims to develop a blueprint for a Canadian national reading strategy, and will bring together writers, educators, publishers, librarians, academics, researchers, business leaders, public officials, and youth.

Annick's director, Rick Wilks, has this to say about the importance of the summit:

Many of us read for information and to accumulate knowledge - more and more this describes reading habits in our culture. But I'm concerned that we're collectively losing track of a profoundly significant benefit: the pathways that reading opens to help us make sense of our lives within the world around us. Simply put, reading better equips us to navigate personal, political and societal challenges. Reading directly connects with our ability to develop the deep wisdom necessary to make appropriate choices and to more successfully decode the array of possibilities we have to sort through. So beyond the pure pleasures to be derived from a book, learning to think more clearly and critically enhances the quality of our lives and relationships. Ultimately we are a more engaged citizenry, coming to realize that reading in its most encompassing sense is of the essence in our civil society.
A number of great speakers from around the world will be presenting, including Ana Maria Machado (Brazil), Ingrid Bon (Netherlands), Tom King (Canada), Charles Pascal (Canada), Cory Doctorow (Canada/UK) and Elisa Bonilla (Mexico). For a full list of speakers, program information, and registration details, visit

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