Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Fall 2009 Books!

Following up on last week's post about our new Fall 2009 titles, please welcome the rest of our fabulous books for kids!

Aztec and Crusades, the first two books in our new Kids @ the Crossroads series, ask the question "What if kids wrote blogs during pivotal moment in history?" The result is an innovative blend of history and high-tech storytelling. Follow 12-year-old Yoatl's adventures as he trains to be an Aztec warrior in 1519, or trace the path of the Children's Crusade across Europe with young Hans, who is determined to find his older brother. Both books are written by Laura Scandiffio; the illustrators are Tina Holdcroft (Aztec) and John Mantha (Crusades).

Born to Write: The Remarkable Lives of Six Famous Authors: Ever wonder what your favourite authors were like as kids? Charis Cotter tells the stories of how six extraordinary children -- Madeleine L'Engle, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Philip Pullman, E.B. White, and Christopher Paul Curtis -- transformed their early struggles into spellbinding books for kids.

Camp Fossil Eyes: Digging for the Origins of Words: What if your summer camp involved not swimming and hiking, but hunting for ancient, fossilized words? Mark Abley captures the fun of language sleuthing as he unearths the origins of well known words such as television (Greek), pickle (Dutch), and mosquito (Spanish)!

Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence: Gillian Watts teams up with artist Ben Hodson for this graphic narrative adaptation of Dr. Ty Hochban's book about family violence. Through the story of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and little Orsa, Hear My Roar provides a gentle, non-threatening approach to talking about family violence. A new afterword by Rita Smith, Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, says “This book can help children understand that they have a right to live free from violence in their own homes.”

The Great Motion Mission: A Surprising Story of Cosmic Energy and Matter: What does physics have to do with hockey and amusement park rides? Let Cora Lee help you find out! Steve Rolston's energetic artwork ensures a dynamic, high-voltage ride.

Kaboom! Explosions of All Kinds: Natural or man-made, explosions go BOOM for reasons that defy the imagination. Gillian Richardson explores all kinds of explosions, from those made by insects to get food to those used to carve Mount Rushmore.

Together: author Hazel Hutchins teams up with illustrator Alice Priestley to bring you this sweet story exploring the concept of what-goes-with-what. Whether it's buttons that keep your shirt together or shoelaces that keep your feet from dancing out of your shoes, all the items come from the child's immediate world.Wiggle Giggle Tickle Train: This rollicking tale from Nora Hilb and Sharon Jennings introduces us to children using the world around them as inspiration for play. A pony inspires a child to ride high on her father's shoulders; a sailboat sets the stage for setting off to sea in a cardboard box; and an airplane invites kids to soar like a bird.

We're also releasing new editions of two books: you can now get award-winning The Apprentice's Masterpiece (Melanie Little) in paperback, and bestselling The Paper Bag Princess (Robert Munsch, art by Michael Martchenko) as a board book!

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