Friday, May 22, 2009

Preparing for Book Expo America!

Next week, from May 29-31, is Book Expo America (BEA) in New York, and I will be representing Annick Press at booth 420 -- come by and say hi! We'll have all our spring books on display, along with some of our fall titles, hot off the presses! (And for fall titles that haven't been published yet, we'll have sample pages for you to check out.) We'll also have some free goodies, including posters, bookmarks, and special fortune cookies (first come, first served!).

If you're new to BEA, here are some tasty tidbits to chew on:

And of course there's tons of information on the BEA website -- have fun preparing your list of authors to meet, events and seminars to attend, and pavilions to browse! (If you're a bookseller, you can sign up for Speed Dating with Children's Authors... sounds like fun!)

See you there!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forest of Reading Awards 2009

A few of us at Annick Press headed downtown on Wednesday to party at the Ontario Library Association's Festival of Trees: a huge event at which the winners of the Forest of Reading awards are announced. This event drew 6,500 students in 2008, and we heard that this year there were about 8,000 students in attendance! The weather cooperated perfectly, resulting in a day filled with sunshine, energetic book-loving kids, and happy authors.

It's up to the students to choose the winning books--over 250,000 readers voted for their favorite nominees--so we were thrilled to hear that our authors Hazel Hutchins and Gail Herbert were nominated for the Blue Spruce award for Mattland, and Elizabeth MacLeod won the Red Maple Non-Fiction award for Royal Murder! Congratulations, Elizabeth, Hazel, and Gail! (Pictures: Elizabeth MacLeod with the Red Maple award; Gail Herbert and Hazel Hutchins enjoying the awards reception)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Children's Book Week, May 11-17

Children's Book Week started in 1919, which makes this its 90th anniversary! Traditionally, it was celebrated the week before Thanksgiving, but recently it was moved to May instead (all the better to have a book picnic!).

It's just a coincidence, of course, but I think it's neat that author Richard Scarry was born in 1919, the same year that Children's Book Week started. His masterpiece Best Word Book Ever was one of my favorite bedtime stories as a toddler (much to my parents' dismay -- it's a loooong book!).

If you're looking to rediscover children's classics as old as the Children's Book Week tradition, you could start with the Bobbsey Twins series (which began in 1904). But if you're nostalgic for more modern classics, why not rediscover your favorite Robert Munsch books? (I never get sick of Murmel, Murmel, Murmel -- which one speaks to you the loudest?)

Head over to to explore all the ways you can share your love of reading: go to a book event, download and print bookmarks, vote for your favorite books for children and young adults, stage a read-in, and more!

And I hope that some of you will make some time for your very own book picnic this week! All you need is good food, good friends (and family!), and good books!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!


This Sunday is Mother's Day -- why not treat your mom to a new book? I can still remember my mom tucking me in with a chapter of The Secret Garden when I was little. What books did your mom read to you?

Top Ten Reasons a Book Makes the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

  1. Unlike flowers, a book won't die a few days later.
  2. Unlike chocolate or candy, you can spend all day indulging in a book without feeling gross later.
  3. A book is also the gift of time alone to read -- and what mother doesn't need a bit of that?
  4. A book won't give you cavities.
  5. You don't need to get dressed up to enjoy a book.
  6. A book is cheaper than going out for dinner and a movie, but lasts a lot longer.
  7. A good book leaves you feeling satisfied long after you've finished reading it.
  8. A book is a present you can share when you're finished with it.
  9. Discussing a book with your mom can be a great bonding experience.
  10. A book will make up for all that trouble you gave your mom when you were a teenager. (Ok, maybe not... but it's worth a shot!)

If you're shopping for a new mom, you might want to pick up two books: one for mom, and one for baby to enjoy while mom reads! Might we recommend Ruth Ohi's Chicken, Pig, Cow? (We're putting out a sequel this fall, too... more on that later!)

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!