Friday, March 27, 2009

Win a copy of My Parents Are Sex Maniacs!

Book Giveaway and Author Q&A!

Book Giveaway:
In Robyn Harding's new book, My Parents Are Sex Maniacs, sixteen-year-old Louise has to deal with some pretty embarrassing parental antics: like her dad having an affair with Louise's best friend's mom, and her mom hooking up with Louise's math teacher. What's worse than thinking about your parents' sex lives? Try your entire high school gossiping about your parents' sex lives!

But if you think you've got an embarrassing-parents story that beats that -- like the time your new crush came over and your mom gleefully hauled out those photos of you as an awkward preteen -- you could win a copy of My Parents Are Sex Maniacs!

Just e-mail your tale of parental humiliation to The top five stories will each win a copy of the book... and we promise to keep all entries confidential! You can also enter through the Annick Press group on Facebook, or send a direct message to @AnnickPress on Twitter (if you can keep your story to 140 characters!). Deadline is Friday, April 10!

Author Q&A:
I'll also be doing a Q&A with Robyn Harding soon, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask her, please post them in the comments and I'll select the best ones! Again, you can also send questions through the Annick Press group on Facebook or @AnnickPress on Twitter. Deadline is Sunday, April 5!

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