Friday, February 13, 2009

Time To Laugh

Guest Artist: Quincy Bullen

DATE: Saturday, February 28th, 2009
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: Wyndham Garden Hotel 185 Yorkland Blvd. Toronto (401 & Don Valley)

Adult: $30.00 Child: $20.00 up to age 15 yrs.

Ticket outlets:
A Different Book List.... 416 538 0889
Rome Travel............... 416 654 2434
Hair Dome.................. 416 754 0822

Time to Laugh

Written & Performed by Richardo Keens-Douglas

Time to Laugh is a wonderful storytelling /comedy one man show for the whole family. It is the kind of show that will take you back to the days when you used to sit outside with family and friends on a full moon night and reminisce or tell tales that will make you laugh or scared to fall asleep without the light on. Time to Laugh has a rhythm of it's own - Richardo Keens-Douglas will mesmerize you with his tales of Mama God & Papa God, Hurricane Ivan that almost devastated Grenada a few years ago, then he will spilt your sides with laughter when he tells the story of Flight 000, a guy who is scared of flying, and To Ski Or Not To Ski, a tale about an immigrant going skiing for the first time. Then he will move you to tears in Freedom Child of the Sea, then scare you up the stairs with La Diablesse, and in-between all of that, jokes for days. It is a "Time to Laugh".

"Richardo Keens-Douglas is an extraordinary storyteller, his tales overflowing with every required ingredient of the really good, spellbinding story: gossip, folklore, legend, superstition, suspense and quirky, insightful comedy."- Donna Marie Artuso, The Edmonton Sunday Sun

"Keens-Douglas weaves spell at Little Carib."- Gizelle Morris, Trinidad Guardian

"Keens-Douglas should be held responsible for all those sore ribs and aching throats, with his laugh a minute routine."- Sam Donkoh, Share Newspaper - Toronto

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