Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a movie star! It's a rock star! No, it's an author!!

Just imagine 3500 kids cheering and clapping for their favorite star! No, it wasn't a rock concert, the Emmys or the Academy Awards. It was the Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading awards ceremony at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. The students from across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) had read all the nominated books and voted for their favorite ones. Now it was time to root for the authors of their chosen titles.

Author David Jones takes the mic

The excitement reached fever pitch as each author was led onto the stage by a student holding high a sign with his or her name. To the sounds of deafening applause, the authors took their place on the stage. Following an introduction by a student, each author came up to the microphone to speak for a few minutes. Then the stage area fell silent as the envelope was opened, first to reveal the three finalists, then the winner. The surprise and delight on the winners' faces revealed how thrilled they were to have their book chosen. But at the end of the day, every author was a winner. Thousands of kids around Ontario had read their books, enjoyed them, and got super excited about reading. The long lines of kids waiting for autographs and the opportunity to meet their favorite authors at the end of the ceremony only proved that books still rule!

Author Charis Cotter, The Queen, signing autographs

Annick's nominated authors included:

David Jones, author of Baboon, Silver Birch Fiction

K.V. Johansen, author of Torrie and the Snake-Prince, Silver Birch Fiction

Charis Cotter, author of Kids Who Rule, Silver Birch non-fiction

Henry Aubin, author of Rise of the Golden Cobra, Red Maple

Hazel Hutchins, author of The List, Blue Spruce


Mommy C said...

Wow! That's a title that could have applied to my Sunday in Dawson Creek. The line-up stretched half a kilometre 11/2 before the show and the stadium was packed (almost sold out). The autograph line lasted more than 2 hours. The fans were screaming. Was it for the Rolling Stones? Never. All the fanfare was for Robert Munsch! After a very long day of being a celebrity, he was kind enough to grant me an interview. You can check it out at the Sanctuary.

Isn't it great to see so much enthusiasm for books? I love it.

Annick Press - Children's Book Publisher said...

Sounds like it was lots of fun! I look forward to checking out your interview!