Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting My Web Feet Wet

Laurie getting her feet wet...

Today I launched my first website I’m the author of Cowboys and Coffin-Makers: One Hundred 19th-Century Jobs You Might Have Feared or Fancied, but I’m also a book editor, and editors tend to like staying in the background. Fortunately, the folks at Annick urged me on, and writing a website turned out to be a creative, painless process.

My designer, Jason Maher of Shiny Paper, had these tips:

1. The Web doesn’t need more promotion pieces. Be sure your site has links and information that readers can use.

2. Suit the design to the site’s readership. Make it kid-friendly and easy to navigate.

3. Keep adding new material.

4. Consider setting up a blog.

A blog? Oh no..... That’s enough to send me racing back to the 19th century!

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