Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Little Black Book for Girlz goes to Italy!

We've just received the Italian edition of The Little Black Book for Girlz - hooray! Annick published this daring, cool, informative book on healthy sexuality for teen girls in 2006 and we’ve sold publication rights to four other publishers around the world – Arcana in Italy; Random House in Germany; Milan in France; and Editions Enfants in Quebec. What’s so cool about this book? It’s written by teen girls for teen girls so addresses the real questions girls ask each other. (But of course it’s also vetted by health experts to ensure the info is accurate…). It was a project of St. Stephen’s Community House, a community-based social service agency in Toronto. Check ‘em out:

But back to the groovy Italian edition…

It’s so interesting to see how a publisher in a different market will package the same book. Check out the Italian cover next to the Annick cover below. Very different, huh?

There's been lots of talk around the table at tea time and we all notice how confident and sassy the girl is on the Italian cover. There's a chick who's comfortable with herself and her sexuality! You go, Girl.

The other editions won’t be published for another year or so, but when we have the covers, don’t worry, we’ll stick ‘em up here!

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a Dog's Life at Annick

Visitors to Annick Press are often surprised to be greeted at the door by a four-legged bundle of fur. Darwin is a 6 1/2-year-old Coton de Tulear, whose owner, Marketing Manager Brigitte Waisberg, accompanies him to work every day. Darwin is the perfect office dog--quiet, friendly and fun (unless you're a squirrel, in which case, beware!) Darwin spends a lot of time snoozing on the job, but he does make a point of attending meetings in the board room. He also knows exactly when to go to the kitchen for lunch or tea, where he can count on Assistant Editor Sandra Booth to give him his favorite treat--carrots. Despite a serious haircut this past weekend, Darwin is managing to stay warm during the current deep freeze thanks to his stylish winter coat.

We LOVE visitors!

Word-whiz Loris Lesynski came to the house today to sign some copies of the fun and fabulous Shoes Shakes and to talk about her upcoming projects. What wild and wacky wordplay do we have to look forward to?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Annick Goes to ALA Midwinter

Annick Press regularly attends all the major book shows (BookExpo Canada, BookExpo America, American Library Association, etc.), but each show is a unique experience. When our Director, Rick Wilks, went to Philadelphia last week for the Midwinter ALA Meeting, he was delighted to see the aisles full of librarians from all over North America, many of whom stopped in at the Annick booth to say hello and check out our new Spring titles. Here's what they were saying:

"Annick always does such interesting books."

"I always look forward to receiving the Annick catalog."

"Thank you Annick for publishing books that other publishers won't."

The big hit among our upcoming books? The Apprentice's Masterpiece by Melanie Little. The advance reading copies and presentation kits were in high demand. This promises to be a book that people will talk about for a long time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love that new book smell!

With the holidays fading into a distant memory, all of us at Annick are hard at work preparing for an exciting new season. Although it may look like winter outside, inside the Annick front office Kathy and Lisa are busy unpacking our beautiful new SPRING books!

The front office is Annick’s Grand Central Station—books arriving and departing, being sent all over the world. Kathy and Lisa are always working hard submitting books for awards, sending out review copies, preparing for fairs, and welcoming visiting authors.

Earlier this week The Apprentice’s Masterpiece by Melanie Little arrived (hot off the press!) at the office and all of us have been oohing and ahhing over how beautiful it looks. One of our favorite things about working at Annick is seeing the end result of everyone’s hard work—a beautiful new book—and holding it in your hands for the first time.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Moon named after Ijiraq

In a recent discussion with author Michael Kusugak he shared the following interesting tidbit with our Rights Manager:

In 2003, one of the recently discovered moons of Saturn was named after Ijiraq, the Inuit mythological creature featured in Hide and Sneak. One of the astronomers on the team was Canadian and had been reading this book to his child. As the moons of Saturn are hard to find, he decided to name one of them after Ijiraq. For further details about the discovery and naming of the moons of Saturn, click on this article in Wikipedia and scroll to the bottom to see a specific reference to Michael Kusugak.