Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finches, and cardinals, and squirrels – oh my!

It’s full-blown winter here at Annick, and that means two things: an extra pot of coffee every morning, and the return of our beloved birdfeeder.

The Annick kitchen boasts a big, bright picture window that provides us with non-stop wildlife related entertainment. The birdfeeder attracts “swarms” of starlings, chickadees, and our favourites – Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Watching the male cardinal show off his brilliant red feathers against the stark backdrop of white snow is always quite the scene.

Our feathered friends are not the only ones tucking into the delicious seed bounty - the neighbourhood squirrels get in on the action too. I’m not talking about your ordinary, garden variety squirrels – these well-fed fellas are closer in size and stature to house cats!

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